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Packing a complete Zilco Driving Harness (Classic Single)

27 September 2022

​When you order your complete Zilco harness it comes partially assembled in a neat carry bag but have you ever wondered how all the parts are packed?

BEVA Trust education and welfare clinics bounce back

27 September 2022

BEVA Trust’s popular education and welfare clinics have helped to treat 435 of the UK’s horses and ponies over the past 12 months.The clinics, which are run in partnership with the British Horse Society (BHS), restarted in September 2021 following a 15-month hiatus because of Covid.

Rare Breeds: Dales Pony

24 August 2022

Looking back through history the Dales Pony has served its country well, as both a working and war horse, so why is this versatile breed on the endangered list. Susan Dunne meets with those who are passionate about its survival.

Rare Breeds: Cleveland Bay

10 August 2022

Regal, rare and a royal favourite. In our series on rare breeds, Susan Dunne discovers more about a once very popular carriage horse, the multi- talented Cleveland Bay.

Ruby’s double clear puts her on path for victory in British Young Drivers’ Championships

05 August 2022

Twelve-year-old Ruby Gray headed a strong class at the British Young Drivers’ Championships (BYD), hosted by Midlands Carriagedriving, which took place at Onley Grounds in Warwickshire on 30 and 31 July. She was the only competitor to achieve a double clear in the full cones course, not only in the BYD Championships but also the simultaneously held Regional and Club events.

Carriage Driving August/September 2022 issue out now!

29 July 2022

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Keeping horses comfortable in record temperatures

20 July 2022

World Horse Welfare are advising those who care for horses to take extra measures to ensure their horses are kept healthy and happy during unusually high temperatures. All horses will need constant access to clean water and shade and have good ventilation if stabled. If you have a horse or pony with a pink nose or heels, these need to be protected with sun cream or a full-face mask to prevent sunburn.