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The October/November 2023 issue of Carriage Driving is out now!

22 September 2023

In this issue we head to Exloo in the Netherlands for two FEI finals - the World Para Championships for Singles and the European Four-in-Hand. Staying in Europe, we follow the Route de Lorraine.

Show your love by nominating your senior horse or pony for the Golden Oldies Gallery

17 August 2023

The SPILLERS™ brand is celebrating the many of reasons why it’s amazing to own a senior horse or pony and is inviting anyone who has a precious senior equine friend to join the party and share their story. The best entries will be included in the feed brand’s new Golden Oldies Gallery.

Cover star needed for #NEF24 programme

10 August 2023

If you are an aspiring equine photographer, now’s the time to reveal your talent; the National Equine Forum (NEF) is running a special competition to find a cover star for the NEF 2024 programme. All amateur photographers are eligible to enter, by submitting a picture of their own horse, pony, donkey or mule, or one they have received permission to photograph, subject to terms and conditions.* Submitted images will also be included in the BETA (British Equestrian Trade Association) 2024 calendar competition on request.

Motorbiking vets help BEVA hit £20K target for Power for Ukraine

05 July 2023

Vets with Horsepower, an intrepid band of motorbiking vets, has helped BEVA hit its target of £20,000 to buy generators to help Ukrainian veterinary colleagues who are working in war-ravaged conditions.

Nutrition experts share advice on how to help your horse beat the heat

05 July 2023

With another sizzling summer on the cards, the nutrition advisors for the SPILLERS™ brand are sharing their guidance on keeping equine digestive systems healthy in hot weather, with appropriate hydration and forage intake.

Food Crisis Causing the Loss of Equine Lives

05 July 2023

The combined effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate shocks and conflicts such as the war in Ukraine are causing huge food shortages across West Africa which is having a devastating effect on both people and animals. The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust (GHDT) are a UK registered charity who have been working to improve equine welfare in The Gambia for the past 20 years and they are seeing first-hand the horrific impacts of the food shortages.

The British Horse Society launch new carriage driver training courses to support equestrians' limited rights of way access

05 July 2023

Due to limited access to safe riding routes, carriage drivers in England are forced to take to the roads and put themselves and their horses at risk. Carriage drivers only have access to 5% of the public rights of way in the UK, meaning they must use roads alongside drivers. This has caused 89 road incidents with carriage drivers in 2022, six human injuries and one horse fatality.

Lilly and Molly still looking for loving new home together...

21 June 2023

Retired mares Lilly and Molly are still looking for that extra special someone to give them a loving new home where they can live out their twilight years together. Despite a rehoming campaign last Christmas to help find them their perfect retirement paddock no one has stepped forward yet and the duo has now been in the in the care of charity Blue Cross for almost 300 days.

Horse vets warn of fatal risks of hay contamination by sycamore

21 June 2023

The British Equine Veterinary Assocation (BEVA), representing horse vets across the UK, is warning farmers of the grave danger of cutting hay from pastures contaminated with sycamore seedlings and saplings. An explosion in the growth of the seedlings this spring is causing a rise in cases of the potentially fatal equine disease atypical myopathy.

Watch the Carriage Driving Awards 2022

30 March 2023

This year's ceremony will be available to watch from 8pm on 31 March on our Facebook page.