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Stamping Out Bad Feet - Hoof Care

04 April 2018

‘No Hoof, No Horse’ is a well-known saying in the horse world, and with good reason. Of course in the sport of driving, the challenge can be multiplied by two, three or four times in an effort to keep a whole team shod and ready to roll. Good hooves are born in the wild where constant roaming encourages good growth whilst also naturally paring them down. But what of the modern, domesticated horse who lives a very different life and who, let’s face it, hasn’t always been selectively bred for the strength of his feet.

Mud, mud and more mud - coping with adverse conditions

04 April 2018

This year has seen an awful lot of rain and snow across Britain and as a consequence our paddocks are suffering and affecting our horses’ hooves. Winter management of our horses can sometimes increase the chances of horses developing hoof problems. Bethan-May Williams from Kevin Bacon’s Horse Care has this helpful advice

Carriage Driving Awards - Rare Breed Driving Equine Category

29 March 2018

This award aims to highlight the importance of our rare horse and pony breeds in driving disciplines and at the same time to celebrate their heritage and raise awareness of their plight, while preserving their future through our carriage driving sport.

Video: Mark Broadbent of Fenix Carriages - living the boyhood dream.

23 March 2018

Mark Broadbent has carriage driving running through his veins, you only have to spend a few moments in his company to get swept up by his enthusiasm. Georgie Green spent the day discovering more about the diverse world of Fenix Carriages.

Take the Carriage Driving 2018 Reader Survey

12 March 2018

​We would like to understand more about your involvement with our sport, as a competitor, a pleasure driver, a business or simply someone who enjoys the world of the harness horse.

Feeding for a Flying Start

22 February 2018

As you increase workload building up to the first competitions of the spring season, it’s good to have an idea how you can adjust your horse’s diet to match, Jane Buchan from Baileys Horse Feeds has put together a useful guide.

Training your new driving pony - informative series with top driver Anna Grayston

13 February 2018

Anna Grayston is one of Britain’s most successful drivers and trainers, over the next few months with the help of new pony Marco she takes us through the training process, from arrival at the yard to competition

One of Britain's finest carriage collections to be sold

13 February 2018

Caroline Dale-Leech's horses and carriages will have been seen by people across the globe, they feature in films, television programmes and documentaries. They have transported five Jane Eyres, a dashing Mr Darcy in the form of Colin Firth and Keira Knightly in the film version of Pride and Prejudice. Caroline is preparing to say farewell to a lifetime of dedication and passion that has been the backbone of this highly successful family business, when the collection goes on sale in April