Mark Broadbent has carriage driving running through his veins, you only have to spend a few moments in his company to get swept up by his enthusiasm. Georgie Green spent the day discovering more about the diverse world of Fenix Carriages.

Every which way you turn there is something going on at Fenix Carriages. Open a door and you will find restoration work being carried out on centuries old coaches and carriages, it simply takes your breath away, the finest craftsmanship and paintwork returning vehicles to their former glory, allowing them to take to the road once more. Look in another direction and sparks are flying as the team work on welding a new carriage for a client. Then there is the carriage museum, the stable yard, which is immaculate. Mark’s wife Jo out in the menage schooling horses on the extensive training facilities, there is never a dull or a spare moment. The full interview is in the April issue of Carriage Driving magazine