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April 2020 Issue - Sound advice from Roger Campbell

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As this month’s issue went to press the challenges faced across the world due to COVID-19 were becoming more apparent by the hour. The RSPCA gives advice on how to care for your horse should you become ill. When and how do you make changes to a driving team? Pony Four-in-Hand driver Roger Campbell explains it isn’t an exact science. Equine Nutrition Consultants look at how to protect and preserve hoof quality over prolonged wet and muddy conditions. Storm Dennis may have caused a few last minute changes, but the AIAT delegates from across the world still enjoyed a seamless flow of events when they attended the AGM. We meet with Marilyn Clark and discover the challenges of driving trials with heavy horses from Rowena McDermott. Liz Harcombe looks at drivers who dare to give another discipline a go, including Kate Cooper who has now discovered driving trials. We visit the Thimbleby & Shorland Carriage Sales and have a heart-warming story of Ava from the Mare and Foal Sanctuary.