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December 2022 - January 2023 - Malcolm and Koning take HOYS title

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We have a report from the Horse of the Year Show where Malcolm Salter took the well-deserved Harness Horse and Pony of the Year title and Alison Osborne reclaimed her title Scurry Driver of the Year. Amy Mundell looks back at the World Four in Hand Championships where Boyd Exell took the title for the sixth consecutive year and the Netherlands claimed team gold. Fiona Powell has put together an introduction to Indoor Carriage Driving UK rules – how to get to grips with the cones. Vet Marcus Bennett looks at how to prevent asthma in equines and H. Scott Gravlee shares top tips for winter hoof care. Bob Elliott reports on filming at Fenix Carriages, a charity drive in the Cotswolds and coaching history in the West Country. Emily Ham talks to donkey owners who explain why these equines should be celebrated across all seasons. Plus, all the latest information from across the driving disciplines from scurry and Hackneys to British Carriagedriving and the BDS.