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August/September 2020 Issue - Boyd Exell: working hard at home

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We have a brand new training series looking how to take on a different driving discipline. In part one, international carriage driver and coach Sara Howe works with scurry driver Chris Orchard and introduces her to the world of driving trials. Boyd Exell tells us how he has been working hard at home teaching his daughter to drive and preparing to host the FEI 2020 World Four-in-Hand Championships. We meet Jessie Dudley-Apicella. Ben Turner and his team have created futuristic carriages which are evocative of the Mad Max films. Susan Dunne talks to Andreas Nemitz and Gary Rollans about developments at one of the world’s best-loved coaching holiday destinations. We have the latest updates on Laminitis from vet Marcus Bennett BVetMed (Hons) MRCVS and how to avoid heatstroke in horses by Sam Chubbock, Head of UK Support at World Horse Welfare. Bob Elliott reflects on a famous coaching journey, and we find out about an American coach building dynasty.