Article submission and style guide

Thank you for your interest in writing for Carriage Driving. This document serves as a submission and visual style guide for article submissions. Please read it thoroughly before submitting your draft.

Writing and style guide

Grammar and spelling
Word count
Formatting text
Submission guidelines

Grammar and spelling

Our editorial team, will read each article, checking for grammar, spelling, formatting, style, and more. The process is swifter when authors proofread and apply correct grammar and spelling to article drafts.

Word count

Please contact the Editor on the email address at the bottom of this page for further information with regards to word count and deadlines.

If you have supplied more words than requested, we reserve the right to cut as our editors see fit.


Subheadings: If your article is longer than 500 words, consider adding subheads to break up the text and make your article easier to read. We prefer short subheads of around 4 words but will accept up to 8 words. Please do not capitalise any words other than the first.

Interviews: Use bold for the questions and regular text formatting for the answers.

General: Try to avoid using double spaces and exclamation marks.


  • Credits: Please include image credits and licence/photographer details when you submit your draft and images.
  • Label images: Use descriptive terms when naming your images, and include the name in the article so editors can easily cross-reference which photo belongs to each caption in your draft. Please ensure you check names/horses names carefully.
  • Format: Please submit images as jpegs, attached to your email. Images should not be placed inside the draft because we cannot always extract them.
  • Size: Images MUST be a resolution of 300dpi or more. Images saved from websites are usually between 72-96dpi and are therefore unsuitable for printing. If you upscale or add resolutions to images in your image editing software, this will not increase the quality of the image and may result in blurry or bit-mapped images. Please do not crop or reduce the size of your digital photos.
  • Scans: All scans of photographs should be supplied at least 300dpi actual size. If the original is a small photograph, we will require a higher resolution of at least 600dpi. If you do not have the equipment to supply a suitable scan, please post your photos to the address below with a SAE and we will return them to you. Please ensure your photos arrive before the editorial deadline of your article.

We endeavour to make Carriage Driving Magazine the best we can, therefore we will not publish images which do not meet our quality standards. If any supplied images can not be used, you will be contacted in the first instance to supply alternatives, however due to time limitations, we may decide that your article needs to be replaced with another submission until we receive adequate images.

If you are not sure if any images you wish to use are of a high enough quality, please send them to the editor as soon as possible, who will be able to check. Please do not wait until the deadline date if you are unsure.

Georgie Green, Carriage Driving Editor,
The Mark Allen Group,
Unit A, Buildings 1-5 Dinton Business Park,
Catherine Ford Road,
Wiltshire SP3 5HZ


Our editorial team does not require many specifics, but we do strive for correctness and consistency. Here are our main uses:

  • serial commas (i.e. cat, dog, and mouse)
  • write out numbers below 10 (i.e. nine, eight, and seven) The number 10 and above should be in digits.
  • format dates as day, date, month, year. [e.g., Sunday, 1st December 2019] (not December 1, 2019).
  • Give the full name of any acronyms the first time they are used [e.g. British Driving Society, then BDS can be used following].

Submission guide

  • Original content: If your article (or a version of your article) has already been published elsewhere, please let us know. Generally, we only publish original articles, but we will consider reprinting articles or running a revised version. In any case, we'll want to know up front whether your submission has or will also appear elsewhere.
  • Document format: We accept articles in a variety of formats: .txt, .docx, file attachment etc.
  • Submitting files: We prefer your draft and images in one submission. Please be aware that we have a 20MB email limit. If your submission is larger than that, then please submit using is a FREE file sending platform for files upto 2GB. Simply search 'wetransfer' online and sign up with an email address.
  • Publishing & Copy Deadlines: We strive to publish articles in a timely manner after they are reviewed, edited, and prepared for publication by our editorial team. If it is important to you that an article is published by or on a certain date, or if it contains information under embargo until a certain date, please share this with the editorial team during your initial communication.
If you have questions that aren't answered in the writing and style guide, please do,
email Georgie Green, Editor at: