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Carriage Driving in Sark

24 July 2018

The beautiful island of Sark is just over two square miles and it is home to four carriage driving businesses. Although there are tractors on the island, horse drawn carriages remain one of the popular modes of transport and a source of income islanders.

Sandringham Horse Driving Trials 2018 - GB Team Selection

24 July 2018

 The British National and 2* FEI classes were back again on the Royal Estate of Sandringham, joined by the Coaching Club and Association Internationale d’Attelage de Tradition which the organisers were delighted to welcome back after the success of last year.  ​

Video: At Home with Karen Scott-Barrett

06 June 2018

Karen Scott-Barrett is a familiar face on the driving trials circuit, she inherited her love of horses from her parents and this summer is hoping to be a part of Team GB. Georgie Green met up with Karen at her yard in Wiltshire to discover how her family first became involved with driving with a Royal influence.

Honeybee - a pony with the competition buzz

29 May 2018

She’s Welsh sec A standing at 11 hands who has taken to driving like a duck to water and in her first indoor season delighted her fan club by taking a young driver Rebecca Jones to top slot as the Novice Junior Indoor National Champion​

Royal Windsor Horse Show 2018

29 May 2018

The show has grown and evolved over the years, but it manages to retain the atmosphere of a county or local horse show, whilst still offering world class competition. Members of the Royal Family were there each day either competing or spectating, Her Majesty the Queen has not missed a single show and those attending may have caught a glimpse of the Duke of Edinburgh.

Horse, pony & donkey skin care for summer

29 May 2018

The three biggest problems facing horse owners in the summer months are heat, sun-burn and insect irritation. These can cause a high degree of discomfort during the summer season to your horse or pony on a daily basis.

British Horse Society Drive for Access 6th May 2018

25 April 2018

2018 is the 70th Anniversary of the formation of The British Horse Society Drivers. Raising awareness for the preservation, enhancement & safer access to the public rights of way network for horse riders & carriage drivers

Stamping Out Bad Feet - Hoof Care

04 April 2018

‘No Hoof, No Horse’ is a well-known saying in the horse world, and with good reason. Of course in the sport of driving, the challenge can be multiplied by two, three or four times in an effort to keep a whole team shod and ready to roll. Good hooves are born in the wild where constant roaming encourages good growth whilst also naturally paring them down. But what of the modern, domesticated horse who lives a very different life and who, let’s face it, hasn’t always been selectively bred for the strength of his feet.

Mud, mud and more mud - coping with adverse conditions

04 April 2018

This year has seen an awful lot of rain and snow across Britain and as a consequence our paddocks are suffering and affecting our horses’ hooves. Winter management of our horses can sometimes increase the chances of horses developing hoof problems. Bethan-May Williams from Kevin Bacon’s Horse Care has this helpful advice

Carriage Driving Awards - Rare Breed Driving Equine Category

29 March 2018

This award aims to highlight the importance of our rare horse and pony breeds in driving disciplines and at the same time to celebrate their heritage and raise awareness of their plight, while preserving their future through our carriage driving sport.