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Building muscle – It’s easy when you know how!

19 August 2020

A horse in good condition has optimum levels of body fat and is well-muscled for his level of work and fitness. Where that muscle develops is dependent on his work and training but, if the diet is lacking in the right nutritional building blocks, the horse’s body will never quite achieve the musculature required.

Video: Zilco catch up with Sue Mart

07 August 2020

Experienced carriage driving instructor Sue Mart at Bennington, tells us about her background and how she started carriage driving. Her interview includes some great tips for newcomers, what this sport is all about, how they can start and what to expect.

Carriage Driving Magazine Awards Ceremony 2020 – finalists announced.

06 August 2020

This is our third year and the event has now become an established part of the carriage driving calendar. The awards,celebrate success, achievement and outstanding contribution across all the carriage driving disciplines. This year the judges had a vast amount of entries to read through, deliberate and then make their final decisions. It was not an easy task - so congratulations to all those who have reached the shortlist and thank you to everyone who to the time to nominate or who was nominated.

Ashfields National Driving Trials 2020

06 August 2020

Ashfields National Driving Trials 14th-16th August 2020 The British Carriagedriving event is going ahead but in line with Government advice on sporting events, the Ashfields event will run behind closed doors.

British rare breeds

06 August 2020

The Fell pony, gained recognition in the driving world thanks to the Duke of Edinburgh. Susan Dunne finds out more about this native of the north. First published in Carriage Driving September 2019

Caveat emptor – or simply ask an expert

06 August 2020

Philip Holder from Wellington Carriage Company is a Yeoman of the Worshipful Company of Wheelwrights. For more than 50 years he has been restoring carriages, he gives us his expert advice on buying an authentic carriage. First published in Carriage Driving August 2019.

New hope for rare breeds

21 July 2020

A rare Suffolk Punch horse has given birth to a filly foal following an innovative approach using sex sorted sperm to determine the gender. It’s the first time in the world that this technique has been used to support the survival of rare breeds.

Welfare Wednesday webinars – join in and find out about key welfare issues.

17 July 2020

World Horse Welfare have launched a series of conversational, welfare-related free-to-watch webinars which are proving extremely popular. Topics in the pipeline include worming, weight (overweight and underweight), dentistry, transport, euthanasia, and grazing systems and each will feature an external expert in addition to a speaker from World Horse Welfare.

Riders Minds Launch Online Mental Health Support

17 July 2020

Mental Health Awareness Week,in May saw the launch of Riders Minds, a bespoke, comprehensive, online resource dedicated to supporting and improving the mental health of people inn the equestrian world

Feeding Advice for the Laminitis-Prone

16 July 2020

Managing good-doers, and preventing laminitis, involves being in control of every aspect of a horse or pony’s diet and exercise regime.