Due to limited access to safe riding routes, carriage drivers in England are forced to take to the roads and put themselves and their horses at risk. Carriage drivers only have access to 5% of the public rights of way in the UK, meaning they must use roads alongside drivers. This has caused 89 road incidents with carriage drivers in 2022, six human injuries and one horse fatality.

The British Horse Society are providing new training courses for carriage drivers and have launched the Keep Britain Riding campaign, to raise awareness of issues threatening the equestrian world. The new training will include introductions to rights of way access, changes to the Highway Code and how we can progress with equestrian access. By improving rights of way access for carriage drivers and providing them with the proper training can we Keep Britain Riding safely.

If you would like to find out more about BHS Access training and to book your place, visit: bhs.org.uk/accesstraining

For further enquiries about the issues above, the BHS are offering statements and interviews from key spokespeople. Please contact pressenquiry@bhs.org.uk