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The Kerry Bog Pony: one of Ireland’s finest

01 March 2019

Sometimes thought of as Ireland’s answer to the Shetland, Boggies, as they are affectionately known, are native to the bog lands of County Kerry in Southern Ireland and they make great driving ponies.

Pioneers of the Outback

28 February 2019

They are the stuff of Australian folklore, but in reality, as John Wright explains, the stagecoach and its drivers often risked life and limb to reach those living and working in remote communities.

Feeding for a flying start - ready for competition

19 February 2019

As you increase workload building up to the first competitions of the spring season, it’s good to have an idea how you can adjust your horse’s diet to match.

Could You Design a Sculpture to feature in the World Horse Trail?

19 February 2019

Visitors to the 2019 Royal Windsor Horse Show will be able to take part in World Horse Welfare’s unique World Horse Trail which will see ten 11hh horse sculptures around the Show, each one telling the story of a different horse or pony the charity has worked with

Why is stabling horses so stressful

18 February 2019

​Jemma Noble BSc (Hons), Nupafeed UK looks at why stabling can cause a horse stress and anxiety and has a clear guide to keeping your horse calm and content - all in the March issue of Carriage Driving.

Hackney Horse Day for Young Drivers

08 February 2019

A unique opportunity for young drivers to discover more about Hackney Horses and Ponies.The event includes demonstrations, lessons in training, long reining and driving these ballerinas of the show ring under the watchful eye of Jessie Dudley-Apicella and team, and Wilf Bowman-Ripley. The day is open to Juniors of all levels and experience. Even if you have never driven before Ashfields resident school master will be on hand to help you start.


08 February 2019

‼️‼️ IMPORTANT INFORMATION ‼️‼️ EQUINE INFLUENZA OUTBREAK 2019 The latest advice in accordance with The Animal Health Trust, BHA, BEF and BEVA:

Public Rights of Way - Land Owner Responsibilities

06 February 2019

Landowners with a public right of way across their land hold multiple responsibilities to ensure their route(s) are both freely accessible and safe for all user groups Mark Weston, Director of Access for The British Horse Society has put together a useful guide in the February issue of Carriage Driving.

Boyd Exell - We meet the world number one

25 January 2019

Where do you go when you’ve reached the very top and accolades like Champion of Champions rain down on you? Five times World Champion Boyd - who is mowing the arena surface at his fantastic training yard in the Netherlands as we speak - thinks about it and laughs: ”George Bowman once told me that driving a team is like chasing a rainbow – you’re always searching for that pot of gold at the end. Actually, getting a top team of horses and getting the best performance is never ending

Video: British Carriagedriving National Championships, Cricklands 2018

17 September 2018

The British National Carriagedriving Championships at the David Broome Event Centre in Wales proved to be a huge success, drawing in spectators from the driving world and those who have never seen a carriage driving event before.