The Carriage Driving Awards 2020 took place on March 14 2020. Here's what the people who watched had to say:

"The awards ceremony was extremely well and professionally presented and you and the team should be proud of what you achieved and the impact it has had on the carriage driving community. I look forward to the 2022 awards. Well done, amazing!" - NEIL WRAY, CHAIR OF THE BDS

"I just wanted to say thank you for organising the awards. We watched it live at home with the rest of our immediate family and it was commented upon just how well polished the finished article was." - LEAH AND RACHAEL MARSHALL

"We are honoured that our Gelderlander pair of Bullet and Bandit, put to our Stanhope phaeton have placed second in the "2020 Carriage Driving Awards for Best Traditional Turnout of the Year", awarded during the virtual award ceremony on March 14. Thank you to the judges, sponsors and, of course, all the folks at Carriage Driving Magazine for this wonderful recognition!" - BILL VENDETTA, USA

"Awesome job to all of you at Carriage Driving Magazine, a big round of applause!" - SANCHIA MAY, RIDING & HARNESS STUFF, JOINT WINNER OF BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

"I was quite emotional. I thought you made an extremely professional, pacey, engaging video that totally nailed our recent circumstances in the commentary, tone and people’s comments. I enjoyed the whole show. A fabulous show-off celebration for all drivers, supporters, friends and enthusiasts all over the world!" - FIONA POWELL

"Well done for a great awards ceremony! Very professional and fun to watch." - HUGH SCOTT-BARRETT

The full ceremony is still available to watch below, or click here to watch on Facebook.