Yalbraith Three Day Endurance Driving Event in peak summer at Taralga, near Goulburn on the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales.

The overall results across three classes were:

Class1 No entries (Full report in April issue of Carriage Driving)

Class 2 Half Enduro, 90kms – Horses over 14.2hh, 1. Jade Coggan 4hrs 25mins. 2. Peter Dunn 4hrs 42 mins. 3. Robert Allport 4hrs 55 mins.

Class 3 Large Pony 90km Enduro Over 12hh not exceeding 14.2hh, 1. Lloyd Warren 5hrs 47 mins. 2. Nikki Flynn 6hrs 40 mins. Class 4 Small Pony 90km Enduro Ponies not exceeding 12hh, 1 Sue Fraser 6hrs 47mins, 1. Debbie Dunn 7hrs 47mins.

The Junior Driver Prize went to Half Enduro winner Jade Coggan and the Junior Groom Prize was won by Isla Meade