World Horse Welfare’s ‘the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2021’ appeal will double the difference you can make for rescued horses – like these 15 Thoroughbreds - as they embark on their recovery.

A herd of 15 Thoroughbred horses whose needs weren’t being met has been rescued from a site in Devon by World Horse Welfare. The horses - which had been left at the farm following an eviction - were beginning to lose weight as winter approached. The landowner was able to use the Control of Horses Act, which allowed the horses to be signed over to World Horse Welfare and thankfully - despite many of the horses not being used to being handled - their round-up and removal to two World Horse Welfare Rescue and Rehoming Centres was relatively straightforward.

The costs for such an operation, however, are significant, and the horse’s removal to World Horse Welfare’s centres is just the beginning of a lengthy and expensive process, with each horse being carefully looked after, assessed and rehabilitated by the charity for many months before, hopefully, being ready to rehome.

World Horse Welfare Field Officer Jon Phipps said: “I’ve been working with these horses for a number of months. They were all on the cusp, they were all lean and we didn’t want them to drop any more weight. If we didn’t remove them before winter proper, we were going to have a serious welfare issue.”

Hall Farm, the charity’s Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Norfolk, received seven of the mares. After settling overnight following their journey, they all had their initial health checks, routine treatments and assessment by the team of experts at the farm.

Sue Hodgkins, Hall Farm Centre Manager said; “The mares will be turned away in a field until after Christmas now, which will give them the opportunity to decompress and settle into their new environment. During that time, we will be assessing their behaviour in the field with each other and the grooms.

“These Thoroughbreds are the lucky ones; they will receive five-star treatment from the day they arrive to the day we can hopefully find them a new home.

“We rely on public donations to allow us to continually rescue, rehabilitate and rehome horses that come in to our four farms from across the country. Without public donations our work would not be possible.”

By supporting World Horse Welfare between 30th November and 7th December 2021 as part of The Big Give #ChristmasChallenge21, every penny donated to the charity will be doubled and will make a huge contribution to securing the future for these horses and others like them. You can donate from noon on 30th November HERE knowing that every penny you give will be doubled.

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