Encouraging people who have never been in a carriage to have a go at driving was one of the many attractions at Sandringham Horse Trials. With the support of British Carriagedriving and Zilco Euorpe, the Bennington Team held for the first time “Try Driving” sessions in the main ring at the event.

Sue Mart from Bennington says “As the Sandringham Driving Trials is such a great venue for our sport this was a fabulous opportunity to engage with the public and offer taster sessions, the response was amazing”

Thanks to Angela Flanagan for loaning her turnout with her horse Charlie, with the coaching by Lindsay Falloon and with Bennington's Fudge, the horses were great ambassadors for our sport.

A massive thank you to everyone who helped to make the sessions run like clockwork.

We are delighted to share some quotes from the day:

"Really enjoyed it, would recommend and what a great opportunity."

"Wow brilliant, love to do it again."

"Brilliant, I’m hooked"

"So similar to riding, was blown away with how I felt so connected with the horse."

"This is definitely a sport I will be taken up as I am retiring from riding, but still want my equestrian buzz."

To find out about “Try Driving” sessions, being held at the Bennington Carriage Driving Academy visit www.benningtoncarriages.co.uk