The Royal Stables in Sweden, have played an important role in the country’s history and continue to do so today through ceremonial duties. Susan Dunne discovered more when she talked to the Head Coachman, Sara Thavenius.

Located in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden’s Royal Stables have had an unbroken history since 1535. Although steeped in tradition and ceremony, they are run on the progressive lines of the modern monarchy of HM King Carl XVI Gustaf. The Head Coachman is Sara Thavenius, who has worked at the Stables for 20 years and was the first royal woman coach driver.

There are currently 18 horses at the stables though Sara hopes to have 20 by the summer. “We buy from breeders around Sweden. Our horses are Swedish Warmbloods and all are geldings with bay colouring which makes it easy to form matching teams. We look for horses which are correctly put together and most importantly have good temperaments
to deal with the demands of the job.” Horses are usually bought between the ages of 5 and 6 and may already have been ridden but are trained to drive in the fabulous facilities
within the stables and have daily access to
140 km of riding paths in the nearby Royal Game Park, Djurgården. Initially young horses will be paired with more experienced ones to gain confidence.

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