Reporting your incidents helps to better understand the rate of equine-related incidents across the UK.

The British Horse Society encourage members of the public to report equine related incidents and accidents on their app or online.

Why it is important to report your incidents?

Reporting factual data really can make a difference to equine safety and it allows the BHS to lobby and advise MP's, road safety partnerships, the police and other safety organisations. They need the evidence to show there is an issue, but require the factual data to be reported; which really can make a difference to equine safety.

  • The statistics are used in government debates on subjects such as road safety and fireworks, and high profile presentations. This database ensures we are a significant partner with all equine safety stakeholders.
  • They use statistics to offer support to BHS members in local safety campaigns.
  • It helps identify hotspots and recurring trends.
  • BHS use the data to hold equine safety events around the UK to give greater awareness of the serious issues equestrians face.

What counts as an incident?

An incident is any unplanned event that has:

  • resulted in human or horse feeling unsafe (e.g. road rage)
  • the potential to cause injury to horse and human even though it may not have at this time (a near miss)
  • already caused injury to human or horse (an accident)

What type of incidents can you report?

  • Another road user - including vehicles and cycles
  • Dogs
  • Slippery road surfaces
  • Low flying aircraft
  • Drones
  • Fireworks
If your incident does not fit into one of the above categories please email

For more information please head to The British Horse Society website

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