Unless you have actually met a Normandie Cob, or spent time in their company enjoying the glorious delights that rural France has to offer, it will sound as if I am describing Brigadoon says Sally Redstone from Élevage Jouvin.

However, this magical place and magnificent beasts really do exist, so I would ask you to settle back and let my words take you there...

The Normandie Cob, how best to describe? Horses with an invisible corn like a unicorn? Well, it seems that way to me. Such a small rare breed, largely undiscovered as they had no commercial value for the French meat man. I write from experience and the heart when I describe them as without comparison. The name Normandie Cob, is a relatively new term, perhaps the word ‘Cob' was thought to broaden the appeal, but their true name is the Carrosier. The Carrosier is a horse that is naturally versatile, willing, serious in their work, yet gentle, family orientated, and very intelligent.

The thing is, to us, they are part of our family, and we like to include them as much as possible. They were born for the role of faithful friend, so quite often we will go out on an evening ‘carriages at 9pm’ drive. Usually this includes letting any given restaurant advanced notice, but they are delighted as are all their customers when we arrive.

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