​Reins are an essential part of the driving gear, not just for steering. One of the main connections to your horse, they are an important and a very individual choice.

There are many different types of reins available, Zilco offer alternative options for safety, material and hand size to suit your personal preference.

Tedex and WebZ Reins

These reins are made from a multi-ply woven webbing and feature a light weight woven rubberised thread on the hand part which is excellent for wet or dry conditions.

Tedex is an entry level harness aimed at beginners and pleasure market so these reins are suitable for a variety of disciplines and can be used with any harness.

Available in Shetland – Extra Full size.


Made from non-stretch synthetic material with the option of smooth reins or sewn stops at intervals for extra grip in both wet and dry conditions. The hand part is matt brown, creating the perfect leather feel and look but with easy maintenance.

The NEW narrower grip (16mm) is ideal for children or ladies with smaller hands. This version has no sewn stops in the hand section. Perfect for dressage and showing.

Single, Pair, Team & Tandem options. Available in Pony – hand width 16mm & 19mm and Cob & Full – hand width 16mm & 22mm.


Made from a tightly woven weave with rubberised thread for a strong, super grip, non-slip feel. Light and comfortable in the hand. Perfect in all weather conditions.

Single, Pair, team & Tandem options. Available with black and brown front part – hand width 22mm.


Made from soft and pliable contoured rubber with pimpled texture to ensure a powerful grip. Perfect for wet conditions. The NEW all brown version is perfect for a more traditional look.

Single & Pair options. Available with black or brown front part – hand width 20mm.

Rein Safety

In addition to choosing the right rein for you there is the option of several rein accessories such as retainers and hand loops to increase safety while driving or for those who find it difficult to hold their reins in the usual way.

Elastic rein retainers help to prevent dropped reins from falling out the carriage and can ensure a dropped rein is easily retrieved to help regain control and prevent an accident both while exercising or during a competition

Hand loops can be added to Zilco’s Z-grip or S-grip reins. They are held in the rider's hands in addition to the reins. Useful on horses that tend to lean and pull, the loops provide a more secure grip on the reins, prevent the reins slipping through the rider’s hands and ensure both reins remain the same length. Useful for disabled drivers or those who struggle to hold the reins in the usual way. They easily slide up and down the rein into the required position.

As demonstrated in this article there are many different types of reins to choose from, allowing drivers to find a rein which suits their personal preference. If you require further assistance please do speak to your local carriage driving instructor or any Zilco Stockist who will be happy to guide you to find the perfect rein for you!

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