Created in 1937, to help fund community projects, Kathleen Haak reports on a horse show that over the years has made a real difference.

When Mark Farrar announces “Show your horses!” at the Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show (Lexington, Kentucky, USA) your heart beats a little faster. In the ring is a full class of American Saddlebreds being shown in fine harness. The call means the driver could show his or her horse at the speed that shows off the horse to its best advantage. Wearing a light harness trimmed with patent leather and brass fittings, WCC Lovely demonstrated her best park trot, flaxen mane flowing. The five-year-old chestnut mare driven by Nancy Troutman brought home the tri-colored ribbon in the Ladies Fine Harness class and the reserve in Mare Fine Harness.

The Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show (LJLCHS) draws many Saddlebred World’s Championship of Champions (WCC), World Grand Champion (WGC), World Champion (WC) and Champion (CH) horses into their ring. Part of the American Saddlebred Triple Crown, the show is now in its 83rd year. Held every July, the show is the primary fundraiser for the Lexington Junior League, raising more than three million dollars for charity. In 2018 the show moved from the historic Red Mile Race Track to the nearby Kentucky Horse Park. The show now takes place in Rolex Arena, a popular jumping and eventing venue. The footing is phenomenal, allowing coaches and viceroys to travel lightly despite a full week of rain leading up to the event.

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