Built in 1372, Glamis Castle, was the perfect setting for the fourth Attelage de Tradition. Words by Ruth Martin, who took part in the event.

Once again we were welcomed back to Glamis by kind permission of the Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne.

It was mixed weather all weekend but ended up with a bit of sunshine on Saturday for the judging of the presentation stage by judges Mr.Enzo Calvi - Italy , Mrs Claudia Bunn, Mrs Elizabeth Cartwright Hignett, Mr Alex Hogg and Mrs Maureen Hogg who checked overall presentation, fit of harness, vehicle and horse, each giving a score to give a presentation mark.

Sunday was routier day with 6-13 Kilometre routes round the beautiful estate, starting from the park in front of the Castle where we did a loop up the main tree lined Castle drive, here four of the difficulties were sited and this year they were challenging.

You can read the full report and see the stunning images in the July issue of Carriage Driving. To buy a copy, call: 01722 716997

Glamis – Carriages at the Castle Competition Results 2019



Class A1 – Single Pony to a Traditional Vehicle

First - Ruth Martin - Merionith Tymestiap Storm - Lawton Gig

Second- Gilly Chippendale - Stennerskeugh Smoke - Morris Bros. Ralli Car

Third- Kirstin McBride - Little Fenwick Kaitlin - Highman & Son Country Gig

Fourth- Jean Clarkson - Drumruck Hugo - H&D Cleland Chair Back Gig

Class A2 - Single Horse to a Traditional Vehicle

First - Modris Kesans - Monnington Verdi - American Drop Front Phaeton

Second - Alan Ross - Woodhouse Maggie - Croall & Croall Sporting Phaeton

Third - Kim Pearson - JD’s El Dorado - Lawton Beaufort Cart

Fourth - Nigel Matheson - Paddy - Yerbury Carriage Works Round Back Gig

Class A4 - Pair of Horses to a Traditional Vehicle

First - Ewan McInnes - Sylvester & Sox - Kinross Dog Cart


Best Highland Pony - Little Fenwick Kaitlin

Best Traditional Scottish Turnout - Alan Ross - Woodhouse Maggie

Best Lady Whip - Ruth Martin

Best Gentleman Whip - Modris Kesans

Best Registered Native Pony - Merionith Tymestiap Storm

Champion - Modris Kesans - Monnington Verdi

Reserve Champion - Ruth Martin - Merionith Tymestiap Storm

Contemporary Driving Event

Class B1 - Single Pony to a Modern Vehicle

First - Ann Rushton-Green - Jim - Fenix Flyer

Second - Audrey Barron - Kincardine Bluebell - Bennington BX4

Class B2 - Single Horse to a Modern Vehicle

First - Lorraine McIndoe - George - Hartland Marathon

Class B6 - Multiple of Horses to a Modern Vehicle

First - Faith Szczuka - Travallion Prince Royal & Fromarth Trump Card - Bennington Ultra Sprint

Class B7 - Donkeys & Mules to a Modern Vehicle

First - Claire Armet - Jules - Bellcrown 2 wheeler


Best Highland Pony - Kincardine Bluebell

Best Lady Whip - Ann Rushton-Green

Best Donkey - Jules

Champion - Ann Rushton Green - Jim

Reserve Champion - Audrey Barron - Kincardine Bluebell