In this issue, we kick off a new training series with Sue Mart from Bennington Carriages with some great advice on how to make sure your carriage and harness are fit for purpose this season.

Equine nutrition consultant Scott Gravlee, at Life Data Labs, Inc. looks at the causes and treatment of thrush and white line disease in equines.

Louise Burchnall from Emerald Green Feeds says, before turning your horse out on fresh grass, put a management plan in place to avoid the complications that may arrive from eating too much too soon.

Susan Dunne meets Faye O’ Hara who despite facing physical challenges, can be seen regularly competing at North East Driving Trials with her young Friesian, Majestic.

Emily Ham catches up with two leading drivers, Nicola Salter who offers plenty of sound advice for young drivers and Sara Howe who shares her passion for small ponies.

We discover the history behind the restoration and return of four carriages to a castle in the Netherlands.

Fiona Powell has details of the Indoor Horse Driving Trials Championships as the event moves to a new home; Bob Elliott reflects on coach horn etiquette; Hope Nebbeling looks at the ones to watch in her first report for the Hackney Horse Society, and Mike King from the BDS looks at new guidelines for driving on the road.

We have details from leading equine organisations on how to support people and equines as they face the horrors of war in Ukraine.

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