The first annual clinic to be held online was well attended with a healthy interest from almost 90 participants including five guests from the USA.

Studying online requires concentration; luckily there are few changes to affect competitors this year although major changes are expected in 2022.

The four-hour clinic included an introduction and summing up from Andrew Counsell, BC chairman and the leader of the judges’ clinic.

After the welcome and introduction, the audience dispersed into breakout rooms for their specific discipline. Philip Bateman led the technical delegates’ briefing and Barry Hunter the course designers’. Nothing is better than the normal live hands-on experience of designing a cones course and seeing it driven, said one course designer, but staying at home was a welcome second best.

There are no changes to the dressage tests to be used at National and Regional events. All pony classes will use the 80 x 40m dressage arena.

Andrew is planning to run regular clinics in the future to improve the consistency of judging in particular, and for the general improvement of the sport.