BEVA Trust’s popular education and welfare clinics have helped to treat 435 of the UK’s horses and ponies over the past 12 months.The clinics, which are run in partnership with the British Horse Society (BHS), restarted in September 2021 following a 15-month hiatus because of Covid.

The BEVA Trust and the BHS have worked together to run education and welfare clinics around the UK, for the past seven years. With practical support from several other equine welfare charities, the clinics provide education, dental care, farriery, worming, microchipping and passporting for horses identified to be in need, as well as castration if required.

The BEVA Trust provides opportunities, support and funding to allow BEVA members to volunteer for projects such as UK education and welfare clinics as well as initiatives that enhance equine welfare globally. To date, 320 BEVA members, together with nurses, students, and farriers have volunteered their time and expertise to help a total of 1631 horses and ponies in the UK.

The BEVA Trust is looking for volunteers for the following clinics:

  • Thursday 29th September, Ashford Cattle Market, Kent
  • Wednesday 12th October, Darlington Farmers Mart, County Durham
  • Tuesday 1st November, Worcester Livestock Market, Worcestershire

Volunteers must be BEVA members and qualified vets or vet nurses (unless attending as a student with a University Veterinary Surgeon or Lecturer). Approximately 8-10 volunteers are needed for each clinic, to include a mix of equine vets and equine vet nurses.

The BEVA Trust is also working with international charities on five overseas projects:

  • American Fondouk, Morocco, November
  • Ace Egypt, Egypt, November/December
  • The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust, Gambia, December
  • World Horse Welfare, Cambodia, December

Julian Samuelson, BEVA Trust Chair said: "It’s great to have our clinics up and running again and in just a year we have been able to help an impressive number of horses and ponies. Our volunteers, both at home and overseas, have been outstanding with their dedication and tireless hard work. We are grateful for the close partnerships we have between BEVA and leading national and overseas equine welfare organisations".

The UK clinics have been generously supported by Zoetis, Bransby, Blue Cross, Redwings, World Horse Welfare and the RSPCA, together with a £50,000 grant from South Essex Insurance Brokers (SEIB).

You can find out more about the BEVA Trust’s work here:

To volunteer for the BEVA Trust please contact Leaya Slater